Candidates must arrive to the booked test center at the indicated date and time. The test begins after the identification and registration of all present candidates.

For the identification, candidates must show a valid identification document.

Each candidate must sign the attendance register and receives:

  • a PIN, with the login credentials required to access to the exam platform;
  • a pen and a few blank sheets for draft (notes/calculations), which will be the only aids allowed during the test, except for candidates entitled to specific aids, in accordance with Italian Laws 104/92 and 170/10.

Candidates who arrive after the official start of the exam are not allowed to take the test, regardless of the reason.

The test will be computer-based. Computers will be exclusively connected to the exam platform and can be used by candidates by entering the login credentials provided during registration.

Support staff accompany candidates to one of the available workstations, where they must LOG IN to the platform and read the general and behavioural instructions that they must comply with during the test.

The exam starts at the same time in all test centers; candidates are not allowed to start the test before the official time.

During the exam, candidates are not allowed to communicate or to interact with each other. Moreover, candidates cannot bring bags or backpacks, books or notes, glossaries, mobile phones, calculators or other electronic devices. Candidates must deposit all items in a specific place that will be shown by support staff. Any violation of these rules may cause the exclusion from the test.

The exam platform allows candidates to review, modify or delete the given answers during the scheduled time.

Candidates are allowed to end the test before the scheduled time by clicking "Close test".

At the end of the exam, candidates must remain seated and keep silent, until the Support Staff authorise them to leave the room.

Candidates have to keep their PIN and give back the pen and the used draft paper.

During the results processing, the candidate's PIN (provided at the time of identification) is automatically matched up with the identification code of the test (generated at random only at the beginning of the test).


Candidates with disability, according to the Law n. 104/92, and candidates with learning disabilities, according to the Law n. 170/2010, in order to be eligible for disability support and adjustments must send a formal request to dsa@unicampus.it attaching the medical evidence dated within the last three years. The written medical evidence must clearly specify the diagnosis, which can easily be converted by university staff into support requirements for the admission test. The University reserves the right to verify declarations and certifications of candidates. Only medical certifications written in Italian or English will be accepted and examined.


All computers used for the test record and save every interaction and provide a timer that automatically restores the actual time, in case of malfunctioning. Hence, any technical problems that may occur on computers will be handled promptly by the technical assistance staff, who will always be present in the classroom.

Following any malfunctioning, the candidate may continue the exam on his/her own workstation or on another available workstation, without causing any penalisation for the usability of the test. Candidates are duly informed about the procedure used in case of interruption before the starting of the test.

Candidates are assured the opportunity to attend a make-up session only for those interruptions due to IT problems (for example, a failure of the network infrastructure).